Platform To Improve Health Finances

Health finance experiences can contribute to — or cause — negative emotions for patients, leading many to disengage from payment or worse, from medical care itself. HHS and AARP sponsored a design challenge — A Bill You Can Understand — to help improve the medical billing experience for patients. Current medical billing and cost estimation processes are designed as transactional interactions between a customer and a vendor, without recognizing the emotional and financial challenges that compound healthcare decision-making. To engender trust and empower patients to prioritize care over costs, we need to move from a transactional to a supportive model. 

As a UX designer, patient advocate, and participant in the design challenge, I played a leadership role in the design, content, and conceptual development of a submission entitled Wellth. This visionary platform addresses patient concerns and feelings throughout a health finance journey. Through a participatory design studio with older adults in the Medicare population, this concept went through a human-centered design process and series of iterations based on research learnings.