Understanding heart failure (HF) patients through a workshop

Partners: Diagram, Amgen
Roles: Strategy, Analysis, Activity & Presentation Design, Content
Deliverables: Workshop Setup, Presentation, Activities, Summary Report


Amgen facilitated interviews and cultural probes over 4 citiesin the homes of 12 patients with heart failure (HF). I worked with design agency Diagram to help translate the data from in-home interviews into a discovery workshop. The goal was to help the team learn more about HF patients by surfacing tasks of daily living, obstacles, and outlook.

room setup

The room was divided into 4 stations, one per city. Each station had a Patient Profile Board with the patient images and quotes from that city. Patients were color-coded by what type of heart failure they had. In addition, participants were given individual worksheets that associated with a Tasks, Obstacles, and Outlook Board to help identify if there were any similarities or differences in these components among the types of HF patients (pEF versus rEF). 

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 9.37.15 PM.png

Immersion activity

Using the Patient Profile Board, participants immersed themselves in the artifacts and added any further details necessary. Beyond exploring the contents of the board, the group was led through the patient's characteristics, outlook, painpoints, and other field observations by one of the researchers from the home visits. As they went through each patient, they used their worksheets to jot down observations around the patient's daily activities, obstacles, and outlook.

Analysis & Summary

The group was highly engaged in the patient stories and had a fruitful ideation session focused around key take-aways as well as areas of priority for further exploration. Following the workshop, I provided further patient research analysis on areas of highest priority and developed content for a final project report summary.