Prototyping collaborative breathing wearables

Partner: Parsons
Roles: Project Concept, Physical Computing, Schematic Design
Deliverables: Interactive Prototype

Project statement

We live in a time that requires us to develop relationships between our bodies and rapidly advancing technology. With technological devices continuing to take on organic roles – such as pace makers, insulin pumps, and respirators – the line between human and machine begins to blur. In addition to assistive technologies, there is a rise in trans-humanism as people seek technologies to enhance their intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities.

exChange is an interactive art piece consisting of two connected wearable devices that mimic an exchanged breathing pattern of two individuals. Using stretch sensing technology, one person’s inhalation and exhalation triggers the other's wearable to inflate and deflate. Conceptually, this piece serves question the space between human and machine as well as the dynamic of physically and technologically networked individuals.

Watch Project Video:

Prototyping Process Documentation Video: