Life Journeys WORKSHOP

Creating a workshop to explore life journeys of  high cholesterol patients

Partners: Diagram, Amgen
Roles: Strategy, Analysis, Activity Design, Presentation Design, Content Creation, Presentation Facilitation
Deliverables: Workshop Setup, Presentation, Activities


Amgen facilitated interviews and cultural probes in the homes of 6 patients with high LDL. During the interviews, researchers took patients through a "Significant Moment Activity" where they reflected on important moments in their life. I worked with design agency Diagram to help translate the data from in-home interviews into a design thinking workshop. The goal of the workshop was to help the team move beyond patient journeys by looking at life journeys, surface key themes, and highlight patients' unmet needs.

room setup

The room was divided into 6 stations, one per patient. Each station had a Patient Profile Board with images and quotes from the interviews, a Significant Moments Board with fill-in-the-blank journey timelines. On the tables were series of activities to generate attitudes, behaviors, and reflections. The following activities were repeated per patient.

Immersion activity

First, using the pre-populated Patient Profile Board, participants immersed themselves in the artifacts and added any further details necessary. Beyond exploring the contents of the board, the group was led through the patient's characteristics, outlook, painpoints, and other field observations by one of the researchers from the home visits.


"Significant Moments" Activity

Next, participants familiarized themselves in the four significant moments in the patient's life, shared during the in home interview. The group listened for and filled in any blanks by adding any missing details, key events, and associated emotions. 


Needs & Narratives Activities

Participants used the attitude and behavior clusters to develop 3-5 need statements for that person. These were then mapped to an existing patient journey used internally. And finally, before moving on to the next patient, the group worked to create a summarizing patient narrative to help capture and communicate an overview of the patient, his/her challenges, big needs / goals, and tension points along their patient journey.